Mark Davis Had Enough - In The Middle Of The Night The Vegas Raiders Announce They Have Fired Head Coach Josh McDaniels And GM Dave Ziegler

Las Vegas Review-Journal. Getty Images.

Tuesday's NFL trade deadline came and went. With it the Raiders front office decided to do nothing. The result of that inaction as well as pure incompetence from top to bottom within the organization came with the axing of not only their head coach but the GM as well. Mark Davis had enough of the circus and heads had to roll. Raiders fans rejoice, the morons are gone. 

The official team statement came right from the heart. 

It's a move that absolutely needed to happen, but had many questioning if it actually would, especially mid-season like this. For years it was assumed that the Raiders were cash poor and so despite Josh McDaniels clearly not being fit to coach a professional football team, they were stuck with him. Seems Mark found some cash under the sofa to justify the move. Either that or his franchise player Davante Adams met with him and drew a line in the sand. Perhaps an ultimatum was brought up? Maybe Maxx Crosby kicked the door down and threatened to murder everyone in the front office in cold blood if nothing changed. 

Yeah, I'm thinking the players had enough with those clowns at the helm. 

Maybe Mark Davis gives Davante both jobs and lets him run the team. Honestly can't go much worse than it is right now. 

For the time being Antonio Pierce will step in as head coach to try and do his best Rich Bisaccia impression. 


I've always thought being a fired coach in sports with a huge contract still waiting to get paid out is the dream. McDaniels has FOUR full years left on this deal and doesn't have to do a damn thing to earn it. 

 This imbecile finishes his stint with Vegas going 9-16. Gives him a 20-33 record as a head coach in his career. That's gotta be it right? Who on Earth would give him another head coaching job after this shit show? You gotta assume he somehow ends up back in New England though. Bill just gives him some bullshit job on his staff to keep him busy? It's a tale as old as time.

As for Ziegler, well turns out moving on from Carr the way he did and putting his trust in Jimmy G proved to be a fucking disaster of epic proportions. Not saying Carr was a game changer there, but the alternative clearly wasn't the right answer.

So does this spell the end of Jimmy G's time in Vegas? Does Mark Davis go after Harbaugh in the offseason or is he that untouchable with this scandal going on? Time will tell, but today was a big step in the right direction. 

As I close out this blog I'd just like to congratulate Brandon Staley on not being the first head coach fired this year. I don't know how the guy does it, but he's still standing. Guy has a tremendous ability to snake on by despite being a total idiot.