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Not Enough People Watched This Video Of The Cowboys Fan Destroying His House After They Lost To The Redskins On Monday Night


Originally posted yesterday by Smitty, this video is too good not to post again. And any time there is a video like this, the first thought is “is it fake?” This has to be real, right? Nobody would cause that much damage for the sake of a video that they didn’t even shoot in portrait view. However, one big question: if this guy is really that big of a Cowboys fan, how does he still react like this? Has he not watched the Cowboys play in December for the last 3 years? It’s what they do. They blow games. They are losers. Have to believe he’s burned down several houses in the past. Also, his roommates are way too giddy for what just happened. Any guy who does that to a house surely isn’t getting out the dustpan and broom the next morning and tidying up. What a disaster.


PS: I’m well aware this is what you crazy kids like to call a “reblog”. But it was posted after business hours yesterday and I just watched it for the first time and it is an absolutely insane video.

Also, while we are on the topic, I think it’s worth noting that a lot of people don’t realize how many people don’t sit at their computer reloading Barstool all day. So much stuff gets missed..we get emails all day from hardcore readers who send us links to stories/videos we posted earlier in the week. So that’s why I reposted this video. Too many people missed it.