It Seems America's Favorite Cuckold Couple Adam22 And Lena The Plug Have Cucked Once Again Judging By This New Insane Video

There's cuckolding and then there's whatever Adam22 seems to get into with his wife Lena The Plug frequently. Call you Patrick Star if you haven't heard, but there was a few week span that Barstool SPORTS seemingly turned into Adam The Plug Sports with our limitless coverage on the Great Cuckening:

We don't have to do that again, but if there is one thing Adam22 is better at than letting his wife get her rocks off from another man's sword, it's bring pageviews. So here I am, writing about the latest installment of what is already going viral. And to be honest, I'm not sure what is going on here but I'm sure we can all make some reasonable assumptions. It's worth wondering what the fella on the left thought he was dressing up for, considering he brought his Sunday's best to the assumed orgy. 

60,000 likes and THIRTY ONE MILLION views later:

I'm not even going to pretend to understand, because this is quite literally the definition of different strokes for different folks. I'm just here to reap the pageviews and let the comment section run wild. Enjoy yourselves out there.