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I Have A Confession To Make: I Think The Cowboys-Rams Fight Video Is Pretty Overrated





Before I get too much shit for this, let me say that it’s largely due to the overwhelming shock of the internet. MASSIVE, HUGE, GIANT BRAWL is how almost every site is reporting this. I’m not saying it was a baseball “fight” with everyone running around and doing nothing, but there were like two, maybe three, noteworthy pushes. The rest is everyone running just around. Again, I’m not saying it was a terrible fight but it was pretty much a football play with two big blocks. Not exactly an unheard of situation. If I’d seen it before the internet got its filthy hands on the footage and hyped it to the moon then I’d probably love it. But, after two hours of seeing how amazing it is, with everyone acting like guys were using medieval weapons and macing each other in the head, some dudes in full pads pushing each other is pretty disappointing.



Although I will admit, I LOVED the Dez Bryant stuff. “Hang on Jerry, I gotta go be a bad ass…”





Oops, my nose is broken.





PS – Todd Gurley, may not be the smartest move in the world to be whipping dudes around on that ACL.


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