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J.J. McCarthy Put On A Show Against Indiana As Michigan Continues To Obliterate Everyone In Their Way

The advantage that comes with having a really good team is that you can afford a few mulligans. Michigan played the worst first quarter in the history of football against Indiana and then kicked it into high gear. This play by J.J. McCarthy was some backyard football, Patrick Mahomes-type shit. It’s a roll of the dice when you do something like this. You could look really stupid or really slick. Per usual, J.J. looked pretty slick. 

People sometimes roll their eyes at me when I say that J.J. McCarthy is the best quarterback that Michigan has ever had, but I stand by it. He's capable of doing things that no Michigan quarterback has ever done. Play like this is a prime example of that. Michigan's offense has moved the ball better over the last two years than ever, largely because of him. His mobility and arm strength add a new element to Michigan's playbook that didn't exist with different quarterbacks. Because of the offensive scheme and the fact that Michigan usually pulls their starters midway through the third quarter, J.J. will never put up Caleb Williams numbers, but I still think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the country.

The all-time record for passing touchdowns in a season by a Michigan quarterback is 25. Chad Henne did it in his first year in 2004. That number is embarrassing. Because J.J. keeps getting pulled early in games, I don’t know if he will get there, but I hope he will. 25 is fucking brutal. If they’re ever going to have a quarterback that will break that record, it’s got to be J.J. I hope he does it this season.