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With Justin Jefferson Going On The IR, The Vikings Should Trade Kirk Cousins

At first I thought this trade was stupid because the Vikings were in a lot of games and if they didn't fumble, they could be at 3-2 right now instead of 1-4. But they were fucked with Justin Jefferson and now that he is is out for at least four weeks, so I think they should make a move. Some people also believe that Justin Jefferson will be out for a longer period of time since it is his contract year, so he isn't going to be hurrying up to potentially hurt himself long term, which could ruin his next deal.

The Vikings can still sign Kirk Cousins back, which is why I don't get why they don't sit him down and tell him to go play for a winning team and then come back next year for a big contract while they use some draft picks to build a better team. The Yankees did this with Aroldis Chapman. I wish they didn't, but at the time its great. 

So I think the Vikings should trade Kirk Cousins to the Jets, Raiders, Colts, or Falcons. Honestly I think the Cowboys should consider dropping Dak but that's just me. I feel like you can get a pretty good haul of picks for him right now to so you might as well. The Vikings are close with their roster and all I think they really need is to get the defense better. which they can do with picks when they trade Kirk Cousins. They just need to do it now because if they wait even longer, they won't get shit for him.