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I Am Obsessed with Martin Scorcese Trying to Learn 'Slang'

I adore everything about this, and Marty actually did a really good job! He was great at using context clues to figure out what each word meant. Also hilarious how he goes on a big of a rant about 'King of Comedy' and remembering the exact reviews that people gave it. Instead saying "I got the ick" I am now just gonna say that I was "throughly repulsed by it". It is very cool to see someone like Martin Scorsese, who is so coveted and professional, be a little silly. I honestly don't think my dad would get any of those words correct.

I was also shocked when I put two and two together that that is Martin's DAUGHTER and not grand-daughter. She explaining the term 'ship' and she says "I ship you and mom" and I was like Oh. Wow. Francesca Scorcese is a YEAR YOUNGER THAN ME!!! I am 24, and she is 23. Martin Scorcese is 80!!!! My dad is 62!!! Scorcese has also been married 5 times so that makes more sense. 

This video warms my heart and makes Marty seem like a real person and I love how it shows his personality.