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Ohio State Counts "Staring" As Sexual Harrassment

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National ReviewAccording to Ohio State University policy, both “staring” and “brushing against a person’s body” can count as “sexual harassment.”

The sexual-harassment guide also provides an explanation of how “flirting” is different from “harassment.” For example, flirting makes someone feel “good,” whereas harassment makes someone feel “bad.” Flirting makes someone feel “happy,” while harassment makes someone feel “sad/angry.”

OSU’s policy was last updated in 2014, according to an article published in the Washington Examiner.

I know I’m always ranting and raving about PC culture and how it’s gone way too far on college campuses, but to be honest I don’t really see the issue with Ohio State here. Everyone emailing and tweeting me this article expecting me to go off on how ridiculous it all is. My only problem? It doesn’t go far enough. Leaves WAY too many avenues open for females to be sexually harassed and left feeling vulnerable in a place they should always feel safe. Seriously why are we stopping with the hard and fast language of “staring”? I’d suggest adding “prolonged glances” or actually just any eye contact whatsoever. All conversations with members of the opposite sex should be completed while looking directly at the ground, or better yet, with your back turned. Social event or group project in the middle of the classroom, doesn’t matter. If you are caught making eye contact with a girl on campus it should be a zero tolerance policy of an automatic 2 weeks of social probation and a 6 page essay on how vision encourages rape culture.

And don’t even get me started on “brushing against a person’s body.” Can’t believe they even had to put that in writing, should basically just be a universally accepted truth at this point that there is no place for accidental human contact in a public setting. Little known stat, 93% of college aged unwanted pregnancies occur from brushing against a person’s body.

Bottom line is I applaud THE Ohio State University for taking the necessary steps to eradicate sexual misconduct on college campuses once and for all. You want to look at women for longer than 0.5 seconds? Take it somewhere else rapist.