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The New Proposed LA Stadium Looks Like A Good Use Of A Couple Billion Bucks

Click here to watch video narrated by Jack Bauer himself

source – The stadium will cost a cool $1.7 billion if it gets built, so that extra million or two is being put to good use with more additions, like a 175-foot retractable glass wall open air premium lounge called the “Hollywood Club,” which Sutherland describes as the place “to see and be seen.” This all sounds great for really rich people, but it’s not really clear how a lot of this will effect the average fan. I suppose the stadium builders know where the big bucks are made and are catering towards that audience, but it’s unfortunate that the general fan experience appears to be taking a backseat if indeed this stadium does get built and these teams move to Los Angeles. The 60,000-seat stadium would be built just outside of L.A. if the Chargers and Raiders don’t get new stadiums in San Diego and Oakland, respectively.

A tad overkill, no? Especially if these LA “fans” are like anything that go to the Dodger games. Seems like a waste of money to build a stadium worth a small country and only have people fill it up from the 2nd quarter through 10 min left in the 4th. Gotta beat that traffic.

However, that’s a BIG time play getting none other than Kiefer Sutherland to narrate the proposal. If there’s anyone who deserves to rally a gaggle of boozehounds to watch sports, it’s Jack Bauer.

Sidenote: Is there anyone out there with a more underrated life than Kiefer Sutherland? Dude’s been around forever literally getting hammered every, single, night pissing wherever he pleases and slaying what he wants. Make a TV show or do a voiceover here and there to pay the bills then get shitfaced and drop your pants at a public diner. Tis the life of a king.

Kiefer being called a pirate and randomly tackling the Christmas tree has been hands down one of my favorite YouTube clips for years. Makes me laugh 100/100 times.