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Jameson Williams' Suspension Has Been Reduced By The NFL. He Will Be Allowed To Return To The Lions Immediately

Goddamn, everything’s coming up Detroit Lions right now. It’s a Bizarre feeling. Despite doing nothing substantial in the NFL, Jameson Williams has become a bizarrely divisive player. Some Lions fans can’t wait to watch him, yet some Lions fans have actually given up on him. I’ve written blogs about this before; I just don’t know. Sometimes, you don’t know what kind of toy you have until you’ve taken it out of the box. Jameson Williams is now a free man; it’s time to take the toy out of the box.

I love what I’ve seen from the Lions offense so far this season, and I loved what I saw last season. Ben Johnson is an excellent play caller, the offensive line is opening up holes for the running backs, and the running game as a whole is as good as I’ve ever seen it in Detroit. Jared Goff is playing with a lot of confidence. The one thing people point to is that the receiving core, while not awful, lacks a legitimate downfield threat. The hope is that Jameson Williams can be that guy. 

One of the reasons for Jameson Williams' divisiveness is that he's had a few off-the-field issues, including this gambling suspension. I don't know what led to his suspension getting reduced, but the guy is young, and he'll mature. Is he talented? Yes. Okay, sweet. Go out and ball. Do some of that bama shit, and I'll be happy.

This is becoming an offense with a surplus of weapons. Multiple people complained after the game last night that this team hasn't used Jahmyr Gibbs enough. You only have so many plays, and you only have so many players. Gibbs will get his touches the deeper we get into the season. As far as Jameson goes, I need him to hit the ground running right away. There's been so much talk about him over the last few years. I can’t call it overhype because he’s barely seen the field. He’s fresh, and he’s ready to go. The Lions are about to find out what they have, and hopefully, it’s something special.