A Play By Play Breakdown Of A Massive Bloody Brawl Between Jets and Cowboys Fans at Jerry World

(Video credit @SleepHawkWW)

Wow look at this fight. Crazy. Fans are wild. Some good punches in there. Lots of blood. Very cool.

I never know what the fuck I'm supposed to write about a fight video. Like, it's all right there. You can see it for yourself. Which is why I normally don't blog them. But this fight has a A LOT going on. So I guess I'll give a play-by-play breakdown like I'm describing a movie to a blind man or something.

There are many questions that I would like answered. If only someone started filming a minute earlier, and turned off the camera a minute later. Then maybe we'd have some answers. But that's not the case. So starting from the top.

Cowboys fan is immediately at a massive disadvantage, as he finds himself in a 2-on-1 situation. Very unfair. Kind of cowardly of the Jets fans if you ask me. But more cowardly of the hundreds of Cowboys fans standing around watching their brother-in-arms get the shit beat out of him. Also, you'll notice a Cowboys jersey on the ground. I've watched this video 100 times and I can't for the life of me figure out who that jersey belongs to. Somebody might have been beaten into thin air.

Next, the camera man pans to the right for a brief second.

We have 2 people laying still on the ground. I can't tell if they're fighting, spooning, or actually having sex on the sticky stadium floor. Also we have the man standing up with a very stretched out collar, who is clearly fresh off of an altercation. That's the only explanation for a collar stretched like that unless you're Frank The Tank and the Mets lost a meaningless game. The camera never goes back to them either. So the whole right side of the fight just remains a mystery.

Now back to the good stuff.

Somehow Cowboys fan has managed to get on his feet. But any man in a "Bitch I'm a Jet" shirt isn't just gonna let you get up and walk away. He's going to throw kidney shots from behind while you're in the clinch with his friend. Then he'll throw you in a headlock and bring you right back down to where you started.


Mid headlock we have the big reveal that Cowboys fan is bleeding profusely from his eye. I feel like you don't see many stadiums fights escalate to MMA levels of blood. Jets fans really should have let him go at this point. If for no other reason than "Bitch I'm a Jet" guy's face is clear as day as he's assaulting this man. He's going to have a problem denying anything in court.


I wrote the whole first part of the blog before realizing that there WAS indeed a follow up video that shows the end of the fight. Guess I'll break that down too. I apologize this is just way to many words for a stadium fight blog.

So the fight was indeed broken up. Cooler heads prevailed after what I can only assume was a good 5 minutes of beating the piss out of each other. But the second video reveals my favorite character of all. That of course is "Bleeding Jets Fan in Black Jersey Who I Have No Idea Where He Came From".


Who is this man? Where did he come from? Who was he fighting? It's entirely unclear. Maybe he was one of the guys on the ground in my second screen shot, but I don't think so. For all I know he could have beaten the shit out of himself as punishment for traveling to Dallas to watch Zach Wilson play quarterback for 4 quarters. 

All things considered, that's one of the better stadium fights I've seen. A solid 20 people were involved. And clearly there was way more fighting than what was captured on video. 

And if you're interested in more NFL fan fight videos, the Jets vs Cowboys brawl was very much not the only one that went down yesterday. Fans across the league are already beating the shit out of each other, and it'll be happening for another 4-5 months.