The Texans Are Getting Absolutely Smoked So Their Fans Are Brawling With Each Other

Grown Men fighting wearing football jerseys will always make me laugh so much. This is a dream though if you are on line getting food. You are far enough away to not be involved but also get a front row seat to a legit brawl. 

As for the fight itself, the worst guy was the guy who came in late wearing a wind breaker who took some cheap shots and kept running away. Fuck that guy.

I always want to interview these guys later and figure out how an argument about dogshit Texans can lead to a brawl. Yes your team is going to suck for a really long time but you don't have to fight about it boys. 

The craziest part of all brawl is the wives getting in the mix, legit run away. If I am a big enough idiot to get into a brawl in the middle of a Texans game let me get beat up. I deserve it because again there is nothing more embarrassing than getting the shit kicked out of you with a Dameon Pierce Jersey on. Again this is a dream scenario if you are just sipping on a Coke with a fresh hot dog just watching the show. Especially when you are losing to the Colts by twenty points.