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Ian Eagle Just Dropped A Taylor Swift Reference On A Travis Kelce Touchdown

I love Ian Eagle. Everything about him. Grew up on that voice in the NFL, grew up on that voice for the NCAA Tournament. Also love that Bill Raftery calls him "The Bird". Was a few years ago that a story actually dropped that when Mike Francesa considered a replacement after Mad Dog left he made calls to only 2 people, Bill Simmons and Ian Eagle. Love everything about "The Bird"...such a big game voice. 

Any other announcer I'll be honest I would torch them for this but hearing "Kelce finds a Blank Space for the score" was just awesome. You knew he planned it, you knew he practiced it, and you knew it was kinda cheesy but I don't give a shit just a perfect execution. It's also awesome he was the first one to do it. Now every other announcer is going to try and replicate this and come in with a different version (maybe Taylor's version) but no one's will be as good as Eagle's. 

I do kind of want to see Kelce score 25 times this year and have announcers work in T Swift references every time that's hilarious. 

Don't worry Kelly ... he's playing fine .