Dave Portnoy Wants Me To Be More Interesting

He's not wrong. My interests have always been pretty weird or things I like about certain things are fucking odd. Take video games. The Show is an awesome video game but my favorite baseball video game is called Out Of The Park. I don't "play" as a player instead I like being the GM or manager and simulating old baseball teams. I'll often replay expansion drafts on the 1990's to see if I can build a team better than the Marlins or Diamondbacks. It's fun for me but it's also strange as fuck. I'm also the same guy that didn't want to be the Mets starting shortstop when I was Jr. High. I wanted to be the manager.

Writing blogs at Barstool is pretty great in that you can write about whatever you want. It's total creative freedom. That can also oddly be tough because every topic is available to you. It's kind of like being on Netflix and not picking a movie because there are so many choices. Life was easier when you were at the neighborhood video rental store that had like 90 movies to pick from and you've seen like 60 of them already.

Last night, I tried to branch out of my comfort zone and write about a non-sports or movie story that I thought was kinda strange. 

I was happy to tie in the Stand By Me clip and the stuff about my own shitty birthday party. I felt like that made it more personal. I don't think it'll be nominated for a Pulitzer but I've hard a harder time writing other things that were more up my alley. It seemed to do OK last night based on what I saw last night. Was it a monster blog? Not even close but I've written stuff that far less people have seen.

The Top 20 blog list gets sent out on Tuesday and I was pretty bummed not to be on this week. I know Dave looks at the list but more than that, I thought my name was going to show up there. Just got to write more and force the issue. Fair to say me not writing a blog on Labor Day was probably the reason I missed the list. My life would be MUCH simpler if I had just written a blog last Monday.

As far as being on Dave's radar, I'd much rather be on it than not. The worst thing would be if I worked here for a couple years and my boss didn't know me. I'd rather be hated than ignored. Do I wish Dave was happy to see me and talk about how much we both like Ellis Burks. Sure. But, you can't control how people feel about you. He owns a business that I choose to work for and he feels that I'm not doing enough. 

That's up to me to work on and try to figure out. That's not even a Dave thing. You work on a blog, you want people to read it. Dave said he isn't close to being a Klemmer Guy. How you look at at tweet like that is all about perspective. I see it more that I'm getting a Masters class in content by Dave Portnoy. There are much worse ways to spend a day at work.

Hopefully people read this fucking blog. If I don't make the Top 20 next week, I might have to get a crash course from Gia and Keegs about Taylor Swift's love life.