Mike Tirico Saying The Lions Win Has An Asterisk Right As The Game Ended Is Arguably The Single Lamest Call In Announcing History

So I heard this last night sort of moved on but now I see it blowing up again. Let's address it right away. Italians are known for being enthusiastic, lying a bit and just hyping things up a bit too much. So it's tough to blame Tirico here for that. But give me a fucking break with this asterisk stuff. I know the Chiefs didn't have Kelce and Chris Jones, the whole world knows the Chiefs didn't have Kelce and Chris Jones. But guess what? They aren't going to have Chris Jones until week 8 it sounds like. So are we getting 7 games of asterisks? Are we going to slip this in every time? 

Plus we're talking about the Lions here. Give them a fucking bone once in a while will ya. They have experienced nothing but pain for decades and decades. Their best players have retired in their prime. They suffered through Dan Orlovsky running out of the end zone. Who gives a shit if the Chiefs didn't have two players? You can only say asterisk if it's your team. That's how you deal with a loss because we're all stupid and find reasons to blame other people and circumstances for losses. 

I'd go as far as saying this is up there in terms of the worst announcing calls of all time. You just had the Lions get their biggest win in years. That's not even hyperbole, that's just who the Lions have been. You could have said something about running the ball up the Chiefs ass in the 4th quarter. You could have went with anything else besides asterisk. There's also no asterisks in the standings. The Lions are 1-0. The Chiefs are 0-1. Facts only.