The NFL Has Put the World on Notice the Regular Rules Will Not Apply to the Chiefs

The funny thing about the start to the NFL season is that it has traditionally involved an over-application of the rules. Particularly the new ones. Whether it's some new interpretation of the Defenseless Receiver penalty, or an "emphasis" on Roughing the Passer calls to the point where any physical contact between pass rusher and signal caller is an automatic 15-yard personal foul, you can count on the first month or so of every season to be a heavy accumulation blizzard of yellow flags from coast to coast. 

Just not this year. At least, not with this NFL Kickoff game. Because never have these eyes seen such a blatant misapplication of basic rules of tackle football like we have witnessed tonight. It's gotten to the point where even Cris Collinsworth, who would rather cut himself than say anything disparaging the league, hasn't been able to ignore the blatant offsides and false starts being committed by Jawaan Taylor without penalty. And neither has the internet:


Nor, interestingly enough, has NBC Sports officials analyst/apologist Terry McAulay:

To the NFL's credit though, at least they're making it painfully obvious they'll be applying two sets of rules, one with respect to Kansas City and one to everyone else. The NBA-ification of pro football is now complete. Lining up in the backfield and jumping back before the snap has now become his signature move. Immune from all officiating. Pardoned before a flag is even thrown. Patrick Mahomes must be protected at all costs, rules be damned. Like Lebron getting as many steps as he wants and as many dribbles as he needs, the league has created a two-tiered justice system. And as all such systems do, this one favors the rich and powerful. 


So congrats, Chiefs. Play your tackles back as far as you want and let them jump as early as their little hearts desire. You've got diplomatic immunity. 

UPDATE: Of course no sooner did I post this than the refs finally flagged Taylor for a False start on 3rd & 20 with 2:00 on the clock. Which was no worse than his other 50 such non-calls throughout the game. Thus teaching him a lesson. As well as me, about the hazards of blogging during the game. I regret nothing.