Best Of 2023 - Introducing one of the Worst Humans In the History of World. The Owner of Dragon Pizza in Somerville



So this happened a few weeks ago in Davis Square in Somerville.  A place I lived at for 2 years I might add.   Anyway I was doing my typical pizza review thing when this idiot came out of his shop not once but twice to aggressively pick a fight with me.   Saying I was bad for small business in America and bad for the pizza industry in general. 

He then proceed to take a victory lap on social media the last few weeks telling people about how he dominated me and put me in my place.  Bragging about how he kicked the bad man out of his pizza shop and then proceeded to kick me off his sidewalk.    In reality I never saw him inside the shop and I took my sweet ass time leaving.   He did threaten to call the cops on me even though he strikes me as the type of guy who probably wanted to abolish the police a year ago.  

Anyway I get that I'm not everybody's cup of tea.  Clearly there is a sub section of America who have made up their mind about me. Left wing lunatics like this guy who have read all the hit pieces written about me by the far left and have decided that it's all true.   These people believe that I embody everything they think is wrong with America.  They see me as a bizarro world version of Donald Trump.  Fine whatever.  I've come to grips with the fact that will never change. 

But to proactively pick a fight with me and say that I'm bad for small business and bad for the pizza industry?  Really?  That's what you come at me with?  Like even my most ardent haters have to begrudgingly admit that I've done more for small business than 99.9 of private citizens in this country. It just shows how little this guy actually knows about me that he couldn't name 1 actual reason he really hated me besides "The New York Times."   And that is why this guy is everything that is wrong with America right now.   People's brains are so broken that they blindly hate anything or anybody they perceive to think differently.  I always laugh when the left accuses the right of being intolerant.  Hey assholes look in the mirror.  It doesn't matter what side we are talking about. Both extremes are equally intolerant.   I mean the amount of hate from this fat little man without him knowing why he hated me was insane.  

PS - This guy posted this picture of me on his instagram.  


I'm just gonna go ahead and assume he edited it to make me look fat because he is fat.  It's either that or a breeze came at the exact time he took the picture and made me look fat.  Either way it was his only win of the day. 


Double Ps - How about Dom of Day just continuing the convo like nothing happened