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Angry Girlfriend Lights Her Boyfriend's Dick On Fire While He Sleeps After He Cheats On Her




Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and armed with lighter fluid.  That’s one of those videos that even makes the viewer’s dick hurt.  Like when you see somebody get kicked in the balls really hard and even you recoil in agony.  I watched the video once and that was too many times.  What the FUCK, lady?  Light his stomach on fire.  Light his legs on fire.  Light his dreads on fire. Light his face on fire.  Anything but the dick.  Even in the dark world of infidelity there have to be some ground rules.  Men can’t hit women and women can’t light dicks on fire.  Those are hard and fast rules. You break one of those rules?  You get the electric chair.  Done and done. No questions asked.



PS- Either that guy is the deepest sleeper in the world or I’m the lightest sleeper in the world.  Because as soon as somebody touches me or the blanket that’s covering me, I’m up. I’m up and possibly throwing a haymaker. Or maybe that guy was pretending to sleep cause he thought he was getting a wake-me-up blow job.  Nope.  Dick on fire.