Lena the Plug Took More Time To Recover From Dick Than Sabine Took From Being Stabbed With a Lightsaber

We're three episodes into Ahsoka on Disney+, and while some fans are over the moon with what Dave Filoni and co have given us so far, others have been a BIIIT more critical....

One Star Wars fan by the name of Dave Portnoy isn't too thrilled with how some things have been handled - particularly the ending of Episode 1 into the beginning of Episode 2, where Sabine Wren magically heals from a lightsaber shot to the gut....

Even Lena the Plug took some time off to recover after she got her guts busted up this year. Not Sabine, though! She was completely fine right away! Ready to get back on the battlefield immediately!

I wasn't too happy about this either (and wrote a whole blog on the subject earlier this week) - but Dave went even further.

When I ran into him in the office earlier, he told me that he's having a hard time seeing part Ahsoka's headpiece - which looks a bit too "rubbery" for him!

Giphy Images.


I've definitely gotten used to it already, but I see where he's coming from. I thought it looked a little weird in 'The Mandalorian' because the Togruta tails were too small, but the 'Ahsoka' headpiece is a big improvement in my eyes. Here's a quick comparison….

Togruta-tails aside, I thought this week's episode of Ahsoka was pretty great - even though it was too short. Seeing Ahsoka fighting off blaster bolts from the side of her ship in space was just an incredible visual, and the space whales were handled PERFECTLY.

What do you think of 'Ahsoka' though the first three episodes?! Do we have our next 'Mandalorian' level hit on our hands, or another 'Book of Boba Fett' level dud?

P.S. Next week is the 300th episode of My Mom's Basement, and we just received confirmation that the big man WILL be joining us for an appearance to talk Star Wars!


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