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Leave It Up To Jim Harbaugh To Name His Own Father Assistant Head Coach For The Games He's Suspended For

Jim Harbaugh's best and worst quality is that he's incapable of reading the room. The guy does not let things go. When Michigan's winning, that works great. When they aren't, he can be annoying as hell. But this is one of the instances in which I have to give them credit. Jim Harbaugh is a contact machine. The man simply cannot avoid making headlines. It makes Michigan football a fun program to write about. As miserable as the Covid year was in 2020, they supplied us with plenty of material.

Harbaugh is currently serving a three-game suspension for violating NCAA rules. The NCAA rules that he violated, I will contend, are fucking stupid rules that were probably made to be broken. If I genuinely feel like Harbaugh did something wrong and was deserving of missing games, I'd say it. I don't know Jim Harbaugh personally. I root for Michigan football, but I don't have an in with the program. With that said, so much of this has been nonsense. Now, in typical Jim Harbaugh fashion, if he would've just owned up to it, the circus wouldn't still be going on, but that's not the way he rolls. 

The suspension will be served. Harbaugh will not be coaching Michigan's first three games. He could've easily just named Jesse Minter or Sherron Moore head coaches for the first three games and just been done with it. He would've avoided headlines by doing so. I think Minter and Moore will have had coaching jobs at major programs at some point in the near future. But that's not what Harbaugh did here. Yes, Minter and Moore will be coaching games for Michigan, but Harbaugh deemed it necessary to name his 84-year-old father assistant head coach for the first three games.

This is the ultimate Harbaugh heat check moment. Sometimes, his antics can wear on you, but this is objectively funny. The Harbaugh's are the biggest football family that has maybe ever existed. I would argue that having your father be an assistant head coach during a regular season game shows a blatant amount of disrespect toward your opponent, but Harbaugh knows what's up. Michigan's nonconference schedule is a joke. You might as well use that opportunity to troll the NCAA. 

Something like this does show how much things have changed for the Michigan football program. If Harbaugh would've done this in 2019, he would've been ripped to shreds by the national media. It's funny what happens when you beat Ohio State a few times. So, like I said, the antics can be eye-roll-inducing, but he killed it with this one.