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GoPuff'ing A Build-A-Bear Is The Perfect Date Night For KB

Laårk Boshoff. Unsplash Images.


Are you a romantic person? Have you been looking to spice things up with your significant other? Well, let me enlighten you on the latest dating trend that has been sweeping the nation (and China). 

From the brain of KBNoSwag, you can now order an entire romantic evening off of GoPuff. I'm not talking about lube, dildo's and other sex toys either. I'm talking intimacy. I'm talking personalization. I'm talking about Build-A-Bears. 

Let KB put you onto a night that you and your significant other will never forget. 



No snacks. No alcohol. No lines, commute, or traffic. Just some Build-A-Bears delivered to your door from a sweaty GoPuff driver. Chivalry is not dead. In fact, I'd say this is more of a gesture than dinner and a movie. 

And when your significant other says "WHET?" Just let her know the Chubby Cubbies and Stitch from Disney are on the way. It'll be a night that you and her (or him) will never forget. 

Checkout the full ANUS episode starting at 12:20 for a breakdown of KB's romantic evening.