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The Saints Rookie Kicker Drilled A Game Winner And Then Was Stopped By Security Because They Didn't Believe He Was An Actual NFL Player

ESPN - New Orleans Saints rookie kicker Blake Grupe had the best professional moment of his short career against the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday afternoon.

Then he quickly came back down to Earth.

The 24-year-old undrafted rookie showed his coolness under pressure at the end of Sunday's game by kicking a 31-yard game-winning field goal as time expired to help the Saints get the 26-24 win.

The euphoria of Grupe's first professional field goal probably lasted about an hour, until he was mistaken for a fan by security as he tried to leave the Superdome via the player's exit.

Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. One minute you are living out your dream by hitting a game winner in you first NFL game. Something you probably practiced and played out in your head a million times. The ball sails through the upright and you're instantly a hero. The next minute you're being grilled by security like a teenager trying to by beer with a fake ID because you look like you're 11-years old. 

Tough scene for Blake here.

Blake looks so little like an NFL player that they even stopped him before the game trying to get onto the field. Yeah sure kid, I bet you are just trying to scope out the field conditions. Wait in the parking lot with all the rest of the children looking for autographs from internet meme legend Jameis Winston. 

In security's defense, Blake's appearance doesn't exactly portray the usual manliness and virility of an NFL player. Blake looks more like a kid who would mockingly correct you if you pronounced gif incorrectly. He looks like he is going to talk your ear off about launch angles and exit velocity. He looks like would have very strong opinions on Lord of the Rings vs Harry Potter.

Basically he looks like this...

Blake exudes big, "my dad is a member here so we can drive the golf cart anywhere we want, buddy!" energy.

But Blake also apparently exudes big leg energy that could possibly land him a starting kicking job in the NFL. He has been locked in a battle with veteran Will Lutz this training camp and unlike security the coaching staff actually believes he's an NFL player. 

"Glad we got the win, because this league is all about winning and winning in the preseason is important," Dennis Allen said. "I was glad that our guys were able to do that. I was glad to see Grupe get a chance to get to kick in that situation and be able to knock it through."

Even before that he was impressing coaches in training camp with his accuracy. He finished organized team activities back in June with a 59-yard FG and then went 6 for 6 at a recent training camp practice. The kid definitely has the leg for the NFL game despite looking like he should be on a peewee football field still. 

Which just proves something I have been trying to explain to ladies for years: Sometimes immense power comes in small, overly-freckled packages. 

PS. If they Saints cut either of these guys the Browns should be all over them. Cade York is a complete mess and looks like an absolute waste of a 4th round draft pick. I'd take Baby-faced Blake in a heartbeat.