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I'm Addicted To Watching Darren Rovell Open Packs Of Baseball Cards And I Don't Care Who Knows It.





I just spent the last 10 minutes of my life watching Darren Rovell open baseball cards from his childhood basement for reasons I can’t even fathom. I turned on his periscope not knowing for sure why I’m doing it. I logged in as innocent as a child, longing for the past.  I was memorized by it. I don’t think there is anybody else on earth who could pull this routine off.   Only him.  He has the perfect amount of fame yet still a total insecure squid with no friends who takes solace in his cards that makes it riveting stuff.  Like he’s dead serious about it and that’s why it works.  So here is a Davey Pageviews guarantee.  Everytime Rovell opens up cards I’m gonna watch.  It’s so boring yet so captivating I need more.