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HALL OF FAME FIGHT! It May Have Been Preseason On The Field But Jets And Browns Fans Were In Midseason Form In The Stands

As far as crowd fights go this one was more like an MLB shoving match than full blown melee, but it's good to know both Jets and Browns fans are ready for the regular season. Even though it was a bunch of guys who will be working at UPS in a few weeks playing under lights that barely worked that doesn't mean you let some chump in a green polo run his mouth about your third string quarterback. 

I'd love to know what the phone call home to his wife was like for that Browns fan.


"Hey, honey? I'm gonna need you to come down to the Canton police department. And bring the checkbook."

"I already told you we're not buying the decommissioned police cruiser just so you can cut the line at Chick-fil-A."

"No it's not that. I was arrested at the game for fighting with a Jets fan."

"You mean the practice game? The one that's not even real!?"

We don't catch much of the physical altercation in this video but what we do catch is an A-1 elite heckle of someone getting tossed. The Jets fan in the polo is calmly making his way down the steps towards the exit when he get's absolutely annihilated by an all-time classic line.

"You ain't gotta go home but you have to get the fuck outa here!"

That one stings. You know he is going to be grumbling to himself the entire ride back to his Laquinta Inn hotel that faintly stinks like weed and cum. That's one of those dumb ass chirps that sticks in your craw and reverberates around in your head leaving you to repeat positive affirmations in the mirror to calm yourself down. 

But back to the Browns fan. 

What an crafty move to try and sneak away into the next section. Not sure why more people don't try and do this. Everyone is wearing the same fucking shirt, you have to imagine it would work some of the time. 

Unfortunately for this guy, this wasn't one of those times. 

Look man I get it. Being a Browns fan is hard. Being a Jets fan is hard. Both of these teams can drive you to the brink of insanity. Their ineptitude can make you lash out and try to cause bodily harm to another human at a sporting event. 

But if you add up the cost of those tickets, plus parking, plus beers, plus bail money that's an expensive ass day. And if you keep pissing money away at that rate you'll never save up enough for the police cruiser.