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Update: Cardi B Is Now Listed As A Suspect For Battery After Throwing Her Mic At A Fan Who Tossed A Drink At Her On Stage

SOURCE: Cardi B might not get away scot-free with that microphone toss in Las Vegas -- she's now listed as the suspect in a battery ... TMZ has learned.

The woman who was struck by Cardi's mic when she hurled it into the crowd at Drai's Nightclub on Saturday ... went to Las Vegas Metro PD the next day to report the incident.

She told police she'd been struck by an item -- the microphone -- thrown from the stage. Of course, the whole incident was captured on cameras during Cardi's show.

As we reported, a woman in the crowd threw some kinda liquid at Cardi while she was performing ... and the rapper snapped, immediately throwing the mic in retaliation.

Hubbs wrote a blog yesterday about Cardi B retaliating against a fan who threw her drink at her on stage, and it seems that fan has gone full snitch mode to the cops and is trying to press charges. Hubbs called it in the blog that her going the lawsuit route is inevitable and he was right. 

I'm no lawyer, but this has mutual combatant statute written all over it. Pressing charges after you threw the first blow is some truly nasty work if that's what is happening here. I did my due diligence as a Journalist and maybe it wasn't the woman who threw the first punch, but this one who was on social media saying she was hit even though it wasn't her:

So we've went from Cardi B having an NFL-caliber arm that Justin Fields can only DREAM of to her being inaccurate and getting sued by some innocent fan? I don't really know what's going on here, but need I remind you that Cardi B is not the person you want to come at in the legal system:

This isn't a defamation case but Cardi is not the one you want to pursue legal action against ever it seems. She wants all the smoke in court. Good luck to whoever is being brave enough to attempt it.