Jose Canseco Takes A LOT Of Pills Every Day

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Couple of things here. First, of course with every Jose/Leila tweet we all need to know that it’s basically done for attention. They’re fame whores, I know it, you know it, and they know it. With that in mind though, that’s a lot of fucking pills, Jose. My Grandmother is like 100 years old and she doesn’t even take that many pills. Not to mention there is no chance, zero, that those are all prescribed by a real doctor. This has quack University of Phoenix Doctor that has an office in a Vegas strip mall written all over it. In a weird way you have to respect it. Jose is so committed to his comeback he’s taking daily steroids just in case. Never know when someone will give you a call to get back into baseball right? Just first have to hope they all forget that entire book you wrote where you threw all your friends under the bus for 15 minutes of notoriety, then I’m sure MLB will come calling.





Also not for nothing but I feel like throwing away Jose’s pills is not a great strategy if you’re trying to keep your status as a living, breathing, human being.



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