Deebo Samuel Sent Kyle Shanahan "So Many" Shirtless Pictures As A Means Of Proving He'll Rebound With A Monster 2023 Season

Cut yourself some slack, Deebo Samuel! "Awful" last season is a pretty self-critical. It was reported during last season that he suffered a high ankle sprain and sprained his MCL. He only missed four of 17 regular-season games with those ailments. Whether they were as severe as originally reported matters not. This man is tough as hell. Deebo also produced 211 playoff receiving yards in three starts despite literally not having a quarterback for most of the NFC Championship Game. Beyond those two aforementioned injuries, he had a nagging hamstring issue as well.

If 2022 was "awful" by Deebo's standards, the league better watch out. Because even amid that "awful" year, he still made plays like this one:

Now I do get that Deebo demanded a trade last offseason, got the contract extension he wanted to stay in San Francisco and ultimately didn't deliver on that. But anyway, this whole situation is hilarious. I did some deep research for this blog on social media. Turns out, Deebo doesn't have a raging penchant for shirtless pics on his Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. He's not really a prolific poster on any of those three platforms. Mostly on IG. Over his last 30-40 posts or so, I counted only two definitive shirt-free snapshots. That's not a terrible ratio. I'll reserve that smut for the end of the blog as is customary.

Point is, Deebo isn't sharing his bare torso with the general public. It's for Kyle Shanahan's eyes only. And that's just wholesome as can be. In the context of football, this is totally fine. Let's actually normalize bros sending bros shirtless selfies. We have to rally around each other, track our progress and pump each other up.

You can tell Shanahan might've been a little put off by it at first but grew to appreciate it in the end. Good for him. Whatever Deebo has to do to get ready to catch that ball and run the rock on occasion, let him go off.

In case you're wondering, Deebo's Over/Under on receiving yards at Barstool Sportsbook is a modest 775.5. He had 1,405 in 2021 before managing only 632 last year. I'd need to look into it all a little more, but I feel like Deebo could clear that mark pretty comfortably as long as Brock Purdy is healthy. That must be part of the reason Deebo's total is quite low, along with recent injury history.

OK but anyway, as promised, Deebo smut. Enjoy.


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