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Max Clark Is A Huge Risk For The Detroit Tigers, But If It Works, He'll Be Damn Special

We just can't make things easy. It is amazing how quickly things change in baseball. The good vibes in Detroit lasted for a day, literally a day following their combined no-hitter. It was great. The Tigers were healthy and about to get an elite college bat in the draft. It lasted one day. Look, man, nobody knows what's going to happen. And it would be silly for me to stand up here and say that Max Clark is a "bad pick." No one knows. I almost feel bad criticizing it because Max Clark is a Tiger. I want everyone attached to this organization to be elite. I hope he's the dude of all dudes. But as part of a fanbase that has been waiting FOREVER to be good, we Tiger fans aren't bad people for wanting SOME instant gratification. 

This isn't really a Max Clark issue, the same way the pick two years ago wasn't a Jackson Jobe issue. Those guys are ballplayers who will bust their asses to get to the show. The individuals aren't the problem. The principle is the problem. I don't like drafting high schoolers. It's always been that way. And yes, I know some of the greatest baseball players of all-time were drafted or signed out of high school, and I hope Max Clark is one of them. The Tigers currently have a first-ballot Hall Of Famer on their roster who was signed out of Venezuela at age fifteen. You never know. But it's a giant mystery box. He hit .646 or something like that in high school against guys barely old enough to drive. That could mean something. It could be nothing. And if this works, we'll look back and laugh that we were ever concerned. If any good comes from this, we'll know what Scott Harris and this organization are made of very quickly. If this works, we'll laud Scott Harris and company as geniuses and watch in awe as Riley Greene and Max Clark own the outfield at Comerica Park. That's what I want.

I have no idea what I'm talking about here. I'll throw my hands up and admit that. Did I want Wyatt Langford? Yes. Is that opinion based almost entirely on the fact that I saw Wyatt Langford in Omaha and was impressed by him? Yes. As frustrated as many Tigers fans are by this pick, so much of this frustration stems from the decisions made by previous regimes. Al Avila didn't make this pick. Scott Harris did. So I'm willing to put my faith in this current regime because fuck it, I have to. Please don't fuck this up.