Police Body Cam Footage Captures a UFO Minutes Before Getting a Call About 8-Foot 'Not Humans' in a Family's Backyard

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When you're a UFO believer, sometimes the worst thing you can do is believe. Which is to say, to buy into every story you hear. As leading UFO researcher/reporter Jeremy Corbell has said, some of his reports take years because to look into because he'd rather not get a story at all than put his name to one that turns out to be false. 

So when a family in Las Vegas calls 911 to report there's a downed UFO with couple of alien looking creatures in their back yard, who appear to be somewhere between eight to 10 feet tall, with big eyes and big mouths and definitely not human, it's best to give their story a good leaving alone. If you want to have any credibility at all, you just move on. You wait for the next footage of a triangular UFO over Twenty Nine Palms base and the eyewitness accounts of more than 50 Marines and put your faith in that. 

But then again, not every 911 call about a UFO is the same. Once in a great while, you get actual physical evidence to back up their claim. From a source as reliable as a Las Vegas PD body cam. This local station agrees. To the point the kind of story they wouldn't have touched with a million light years pole as recently as a year ago, led off their newscast.

This video begins with audio of the 911 call. The body cam footage comes at around the 1:30 mark. Followed by another officer's video where he's in his cruiser joking about how nervous he is to respond to this one. Then him talking to this family, who come across as 100% sincere to me. You judge it all for yourself:

As much as I want to believe all of this, I'll concede that healthy skepticism is good thing. A pure good. As Carl Sagan famously said, "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence." Fair enough. And here the evidence is. 


Here's a cop - minutes before the family has placed the call - talking to a guy on an unrelated matter, and his camera captures an image without him even knowing it:

We can safely rule out this was staged by the cop. Body cameras can barely give us footage of a street brawl or a foot pursuit. So I don't believe they're equipped with CGI special effects like it's Industrial Light & Magic. This was a bright light of unknown origin streaking down from the sky in the general area where this cruiser is on patrol. Followed by a (their word) "terrified" family calling the cops on a couple of trespassers, who were clearly not from the area. And by "area," I'm talking about our solar system. 

Again, this is exactly the kind of report that would never have made the news until a very short time ago. If they even mentioned it, it would be the wacky segment in the last 30 seconds of the show where they usually put 100-year-olds birthdays and cute animal segments. And even then they would've make a gag out of it, with cartoon aliens and The X-Files theme playing. The fact that this was 8 News Now's leading story is progress. Brought on in no small measure by blockbuster stories like USAF officer US Intelligence official and American patriot David Grush turning whistleblower:


So we inch ever closer to a day when this will all be taken seriously. As a matter of fact, I don't know how there are still any holdouts left. 

Leading skeptic Neil DeGrasse Tyson dismisses all of these reports with "If it's true, where's the video?" The answer, it's on a bunch of young Marine's phones and a LVPD body cam. That's where.