Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Have Sent Their Wrexham Players To Vegas For A 4 Day All Expenses Paid Celebration - They've Ordered The Guys To Leave Their Credit Cards At Home

Nick Potts - PA Images. Getty Images.

Having Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney as your owners is great for improving your day to day soccer needs. More money to spend on players, facility improvements, travel, you name it. The result has been the great success of this team and the rejuvenation of a city. Now with promotion in hand it's time to celebrate. After locally parading around earlier in the week, it's time to take their talents elsewhere. Next stop? A four day trip to Vegas, ordered straight from the desks of Reynolds and McElhenney with only one rule to follow. 

(source) Top striker Paul Mullin said: "It became a thing where if we won the league, we’d get a holiday.

"So we’re off to Vegas. Ryan and Rob told us to leave our cards at home, they're sorting the lot.  They sent us a full itinerary just now. Part of me doesn’t want to go, I might be dead by the end of it."

"But I'd never go to Vegas by me own accord, so I’m buzzing for it."

First off, the phrase 'holiday' is so much better than vacation. It's one of the few things I'm actually jealous that the English have. I don't have any rhyme or reason behind it, but whenever I see holiday used that way I enjoy it. 

Second of all this rule is tremendous. No credit cards necessary whatsoever. Don't spend a dime of your own money in one of the most expensive places in the world. Leave that to the celebrity owners. 

This is huge especially for anyone who has never been to Vegas, which I imagine is a good chunk of the team. Can't lose money if you don't have any to spend. Best thing you can do before heading out on your day in Sin City is to leave your debit/credit cards in the hotel room safe. Take your gambling cash with you and that's it. That is the best way to not ruin your weekend and keep the wife happy when you come back. Of course that's easier said than done most of the time, but it's a nice rule to at least try and follow fora day. 

Going off that, how about these guys' first Vegas/American trip being this way? You almost can't go back right? It's like having sex on ecstasy, it'll never be the same without. You gotta imagine almost none of these fellas are going to be recognized on the strip either. In the clubs it'll be obvious with all the bottle service girls awkwardly waving the champagne sparklers and welcome signs, but on their own they can just blend in and do their thing. That's magical. That is unless Reynolds and McElhenney are with them, then they have no shot and are going to be mobbed everywhere they go. Not exactly sure if they made the trip or not, but I get the vibe this is all for the players and not them. 

I love that these guys first taste of American soil is going to be an all expenses paid trip to Vegas. What a dream. No worrying about who is going to put the bill on their card, which is always a nightmare at these kind of places. Zero fear in how many expenses you rack up. No matter the cost it'll be nothing but a tiny dent to Ryan and Rob's bank accounts. They honestly might not even notice it at all. I wish I had money. 

Live it up lads. Here's a quick snippet of night one. 


Thoughts and prayers to everyone waking up today in one piece. That first wakeup after the initial night out is always a tough task. Just know you have three more days of this waiting for you. Honestly four days in Vegas might exceed the max for the normal human. I went last year for a bachelor party, Friday to Monday and that Sunday night was a fun game of "who is left standing?" Four days in Vegas as a man approaching his 30s and up will test every last fiber in your body. It's a true war of attrition. God speed to these brave men.