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Champ Bailey Officially Retired From The NFL Today

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Former Redskin, longtime Denver Bronco, and all around good guy Champ Bailey officially retired from the NFL today. He went to 12 Pro Bowls in 15 seasons, and was at the top of his position for a good chunk of his career. Shut down every top WR in his prime. Without a doubt one of the best man-to-man cover corners to play the game. And without a doubt one of the best guys in the league. Name something you’ve heard about Champ besides being an All-Pro CB, it’s extremely hard to do. Never got in trouble, never caused controversy, just suited up and helped his team win football games. Even though Clinton Portis was a pretty good running back for the Skins in his own right, and has become ingrained in DC sports culture, it’s still hard to fathom trading away one of the best CBs of all time for a running back. Best of luck to Champ Bailey in whatever he decides to do next, I’m sure he’ll be awesome at it.