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Friday Feel Good Post: Adopted Pup Reunites With His Birth Mother For The First Time

Editor’s Note: Busy with golf shit. Intern time: @BarstoolBrosh

If there are two things that I love on the Internet it’s Go Pro videos and Puppy videos. So what better way to start your Friday off other than a Go Pro video of a puppy reuniting with her mom? No way your weekend can be bad when it’s started with a little pup giving her mama enough kisses to make the whole world happy. This puppy reminds me a lot of when you first go to college. You think you can handle it all, but after four months you can’t wait to reunite with your mom, get some real food, and just have her do anything for you. That shit is constant throughout, whether you’re a young teen heading up to college in Connecticut or a young pup going to a new family.