Looking at Everything Else That Went Right During Yesterday's Humiliation of the Cowboys

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So obviously Colt McCoy needed his own blog to discuss how well he played last night. But a lot of other things went very right for the Redskins as well. And seeing as I’m paid to write about the Redskins, let’s take a look at those things:

Bashaud Breeland – This rookie is a MAN. Shut down Dez Bryant about as well as a corner can. Forced a fumble and was all over the field making plays. Played out of his mind last night.

DeSean Jackson – Another 100 yard game for DJax. The Cowboys could not cover him. He is simply too fast. Through 8 games he has 32 catches for 664 yards. AKA exactly why he was brought in.

Alfred Morris – He was actually benched at one point during the game. And then he unloaded once he returned to the game. Got all the yards after contact and turned losses into gains. Looked like the Alf of yesteryear during the second half last night.

Spider 2 Y Banana – Works every time.

All of the special teams – Gasp! What?? Special teams have been remarkably bad over the last few seasons. But last night, everything went their way. Andre Roberts had that first quarter 37 yard punt return to set up the field goal. Then in the 4th quarter when the Skins were in field goal range, they royally shit the bed. Delay of game followed by a sack took them out of Kai’s range. So Tres Way came in and delivered a perfect punt that was downed inside of the 5. And then of course Kai hit the game winner in OT from 40. Congrats to the special teams, they finally looked like a unit who belonged in the NFL.

The defensive scheme – There is no denying DeMarco Murray is a beast out there. He racked up 141 yards on just 19 carries. But over 1/3 of those yards were on one 51 yard carry. So while the Cowboys run game was as great as it’s been all year, the Skins focused on making them a 1-dimensional team by shutting down Romo. They applied constant pressure, holding him to a 7.5 yard per completion average and sacking him 5 times. The Skins trusted their corners and had Brandon Meriweather, who played a hell of a game, messing with Tony Romo’s mind all night.

Jason Hatcher – Called heads on the OT coin toss. Gutsy call that paid off big.

Jerry Jones – That guy is a LUNATIC. Was down on the sidelines talking to Garrett during the middle of the game. Then stayed on the sidelines for a while just yelling shit like he was the coach. I actually felt a feeling of pity for Cowboys fans. We here in DC get pissed when Snyder does anything, and their owner is on the field midgame. It’s insane.

So where does this leave the Redskins? Well they are still just 3-5. But with games against the Vikings and the Bucs on the horizon, this should be a .500 football team.

As for the QB situation, Colt was incredible last night, but RG3 is the starter. Griffin is coming back possibly next week, but if not, definitely in two weeks after the bye. And then we get to write another chapter in the RG3 book. Will he succeed? Who knows.

For now, it just feels good to go into Dallas, stomp a mudhole, and walk it dry. Crazy to think some fans of some teams always feel this good. Winning feels great. I hope we get to do more of that winning thing.