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A Dog's Reaction To Getting Her Cancer Test Results Is A Really Beautiful Video


YouTube – Overnight Lily got sick. We took her in and they found a tumor on her spleen. She was so anemic her breathing was affected and we had to make a fast choice. They told us it was hemangiosarcoma, that more than half of Golden Retrievers due from it. It comes in fast and she only had hours to live if we didn’t do surgery. Even if we did she’d still only have months. There was only a 10% chance that it was the benign kind and they said in 20 years it’s never happened. But we didn’t want to give up. We emptied our savings account and dud the surgery. They removed a 6 pound tumor! She immediately seemed better. But they said it would only be temporary. One week later we got the results.


We don’t have Oscars for online videos so we definitely don’t have them specifically for animals and that’s a damn shame. Because this dog’s performance, especially given that it’s her life on the line, is perfect. This face when she’s told that she needs to sit for some serious news:


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.33.03 PM


And this face when she figures out its good news from her owner’s voice:


Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 3.37.38 PM


A+ performance. You’re a good girl, Lily. Congrats to this dog and her family for beating the outlandish odds.


(h/t The Dodo)