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'Shrinking', The Apple TV+ Comedy About Grief Featuring Harrison Ford, Has Entered Must-Watch Territory After 3 Episodes

If not for all the incredible buzz The Last of Us is creating as the general public is stunned by a quality video-game adaptation, I would’ve said Shrinking is the early frontrunner for best TV show of 2023. If Shrinking continues on its current trajectory, though, it should be an awards-season darling that could well crush the competition in the comedic categories.

Before I get too far into what has me so hyped about this show, check out a quick synopsis:

"Shrinking follows a grieving therapist who starts to break the rules and tell his clients exactly what he thinks. Ignoring his training and ethics, he finds himself making huge, tumultuous changes to people’s lives...including his own."

Hard to go wrong when you have Bill Lawrence of Spin City, Scrubs, and Ted Lasso fame as one of the co-creators captaining the ship. Also on board in that capacity is Shrinking lead Jason Segel and Ted Lasso breakout star Brett Goldstein, who plays grumpy misanthropic footballer Roy Kent and is part of the writers’ room on that show AND Shrinking

Goldstein penned the script for Shrinking’s second episode and it is an absolute riot. This guy is breaking out in a big way and you love to see it. Speaking of breakouts, the only other time I’ve seen key supporting player Jessica Williams was in Booksmart, and like damn near every actor in that movie, I thought she absolutely killed it. Once again, she’s doing WORK in Shrinking, holding her own and flexing her comedic chops in scenes with not only Segel, but also…

Harrison. Freaking. Ford.

That’s right. Harrison Ford. He doesn’t get to show off his desert-dry humor often enough. Without spoiling anything, Ford’s character is a therapist who runs his practice and has Segel's Jimmy and Williams' Gaby on staff. Ford plays Dr. Paul Rhodes, who presents a certain sardonic way about him, yet like with so many of the legendary actor's best performances, there’s a layered vulnerability underneath all that.

If this next bit doesn’t sell you on the show, I don’t know what will: Goldstein went on Colbert recently promote Shrinking and spoke about Ford’s enthusiasm for the project. 

The man who’s starred in, you know, Raiders of the Lost Ark as Indiana Jones, four Star Wars movies, The Fugitive, Blade Runner, and plenty more, told Goldstein whatever pages he was sent for Shrinking comprised the best script he’d ever read. Damn.

I rewatched the film Morning Glory the other day, because I hadn't seen it for several years, and I remember Harrison Ford being quite funny in it. As hilarious as he is in that, I think he's in for an even more interesting character arc and is potentially even funnier in Shrinking.

I'm being purposely vague for most of this blog just so I don't spoil anything for you. It may sound like from the details I have disclosed that this show is pretty innocuous and has low, uninteresting stakes. That couldn't be further from the truth. Shrinking has some of the most audacious jokes and fully capitalizes on the main premise of the show, which is to say shit out loud that you'd normally always hold in.

If you have Apple TV+, go watch Shrinking. If you don't, get a free trial, knock the three episodes out, and then enjoy weekly episodes every Friday until the season-capping 10th one premieres on March 24. By the end of the third 'sode you'll probably subscribe full-time.

Shrinking is fucking awesome so far. Check it out.

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