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The Bromosa vs. Diet Cokeagne

Two weeks ago (on a guy's trip), I tried Tom Hanks' favorite drink; Diet Coke mixed with Champagne, which he calls Diet Cokeagne. 

Since then, I have been on a journey of tasting other "unusual concoctions" trying to find one that is better than the Diet Cokeagne.  

Two drinks finally came close this past week—the Bromosa, and the Nancy. Both involve beer, and I'm not exactly a beer girl. But, for the sake of the experiment, I am trying not to be biased.

The Bromosa, or Manmosa, is excellent because you don't taste the vodka. It reminds me of being in college on a Saturday morning, wearing a sweatshirt with my best friends at brunch. And by brunch I mean $3 breakfast tacos from Fuzzy's. Boomer Sooner, baby. 

In third place, we have the Nancy. I have never met a Nancy I didn't like or trust. This recipe is too easy and accessible to taste this good. It seems too good to be true. But just like Chris Jones last night, it's not. Thank you sweet Nancy, whoever you are, wherever you are.

In fourth place- let me preface there is a large gap between third in fourth place- we have Red Wine and Diet Coke. This duo tastes a lot like Sangria but less good. You miss the fruity pop coming through the wine. People call it the KALIMOTXO. No idea where that name came from other than a girl named Kali. One day we will have an AlexDuttonRanch drink. 

In fifth place, we have Pepsisecco. The craziest part about this drink is it was their idea. Pepsi said, "we see your Diet Cokeagne and raise you Pepsisecco." They may not have tried Pepsi mixed with Champagne at the time because if so, I doubt they would recommend it to the internet. It is not good. Pepsi could be better. Add Champagne, and it's worse. Needless to say they deleted the video.

Hopefully this week we can find a new first place. Diet Cokeagne will be tough to beat but we like a challenge. And I'm enjoying these drinks. And my liver is still in tact. 

More to come this week. Love ya.