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Sean McVay Reportedly Wanting To Leave The Rams Because He Doesn't Want To Deal With A Long Rebuild Would Be The Most Relatable Thing He Has Ever Done

Look at Sean McVay finally connecting with the common man in a way I didn't know was possible! Not that it's his fault. It's just hard for us normies to identify with a good-looking millionaire married to a model that can recite every play in every football game he has ever been a part of on his way to becoming the youngest NFL head coach at the age of 30 and winner of a Super Bowl at 36.

HOWEVAH, Sean not wanting to roll up his sleeves and put in all the work on the backend to clean up then rebuild the Rams after they traded every good pick and spent every last dollar possible is about as relatable as it gets. We've all done the Madden franchise move where you ship all your picks away for a bunch of studs, knowing there is no way in hell you will be around when those studs become overpriced vets and your roster is filled with holes because you have no young players or cap room to use to replace them.

All of that was Future Sean's problem, just like all the work we procrastinated doing around the holidays is now turning 2023 into an absolute nightmare for us. The difference is we can't just leave our jobs, get hired for a ton of money to broadcast about our industry, then become the hottest free agent in the industry in a year or two when we want to go back our old job. Sean McVay can do that simply because he is really really good at his job and was able to get a bunch of other guys that were equally as good at their job, no matter how gross the 2024 Rams roster may look. And if anybody, especially Rams GM Les Snead, has a problem with Sean McVay bailing on his team because things are about to get tough, he has three words for you...