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The LeGarrette Blount Punch, Part 2: DJ Johnson Slugs Fan After Oregon Blows 21-Point Lead To Oregon State

I hope LeGarrette Blount can find it in his heart to forgive me for posting about this. He's a New England Patriots hero who put this ugly moment in his life behind him, proceeded to valmorphanize from undrafted free agent to three-time Super Bowl champion (one title with the Eagles), and, well, he's listed by Pro Football Reference at 6-foot, 247 pounds. Not the kind of human you want to fuck with in any way, shape or form. I will kindly pass on strapping up and lining my ass up opposite him in an Oklahoma drill, or in any context.

OK now that I've hopefully established an understanding line of communication with the retired bruising ball-carrier — hell, figured I'd at least try — you can't help but think of the parallels that transpired this Saturday during rivalry week.

The Ducks had their in-state rival Oregon State on the ropes with a 31-10 lead in the third quarter, only to blow it. Frustrations boiled over afterwards. Unfortunately, Oregon's DJ Johnson, who has six sacks on the season, let his emotions get the best of him in a moment of fleeting rage...and invited the blunt Blount comparisons in the process.

Big difference here in the two situations: Blount took a swing at an opposing player, whereas Johnson went on the offensive against an Oregon State fan. I'm sure the unruly Beavers supporter was egging him on, but you just can't fly off the handle like that. It's the classic "pick on somebody your own size." 

Someone should've said that to the dumbass civilian, of course. One of those instances where life ain't fair. Johnson must regret what he did. Sucks that it happened.

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