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Watch Stefon Diggs Make A Young Fan's Thanksgiving By Playing Catch With Him Before Bills-Lions Kickoff

Prior to the Buffalo Bills taking on the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on Thanksgiving Thursday, star Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs noticed an enthusiastic youngster in the stands and thought he'd bring him down for a quick throwing session.

The kid was a total pro about the whole situation. If I were his age, I'd probably be sprinting all over the place and screaming uncontrollably. Doubt I'd have the wherewithal to make the most of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. But this little guy trots out like he's been there before, hauls in a toss from Diggs in classic can of corn style, and even puts a sideline pass in the perfect spot so the All-Pro wideout can get both feet in and secure the catch.

I'm wildly impressed, and I'm sure this golden child and his family will be forever thankful for what just happened. 

Diggs could've chosen any aspiring future NFL player out of the stands and happened to pick some kind of prodigy who was unfazed by the bright lights and big stage of holiday professional football. With all the speculation surrounding Lane Kiffin's future, this kid may be the next 13-year-old Lane offers a scholarship to. Bet he's already breaking down the tape even with the Egg Bowl on the horizon. Gotta balance the short term with the bigger picture.

What a nice, surprising and wholesome subplot to the Bills-Lions game. Hope you enjoyed. Happy Thanksgiving!

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