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Saudi Arabia Declaring Tomorrow A National Holiday Because They Beat Argentina Is A Reminder The USA Needs More Sports Holidays

I'm not going to sit here and praise Saudi Arabia, because, come on. Credit where its due for giving people off work. Never thought Saudi Arabia would pull a cool move off like that or beat Argentina. But really it's a reminder that the US needs to do this more often. I still think June 23 should have been a national holiday. You want more people into soccer? Bam. June 23 is a national holiday so we all can remember Landon Donovan beating Algeria and winning the group in 2010. 

This isn't even just soccer though. We all know the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a holiday. Hell, the Monday after the first weekend of March Madness should be a holiday just so we have a day to recover. But cities should embrace this. I know some have - most recently Houston shutting down schools for a day so kids can go to the World Series parade. 

If these crazy bastards can get a day off for a sports win, the US needs more of it. 

I don't care if we're the USA and the favorites to win majority of international sporting events. Let us celebrate it. There's nothing better than celebrating a massive win with your pals. It doesn't matter the sport. TJ Oshie shootout? Still remember where I was going crazy for it. Super Bowls? No brainers. Baltimore County should have a national holiday every March because of UMBC beating Virginia. 

Fucking Saudi Arabia man. I can't believe they won. If we beat England on Friday make July 5 a national holiday too. Two days in a row to celebrate beating England's ass.