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Turns Out Justin Fields Is The Toughest Sonofabitch In The World And Was Playing With A Dislocated Shoulder

It's official, the only question Justin Fields can't answer is "are you okay?" because he is going to say yes 1000% of the time. The kid is too tough for his own good. There was a lot of armchair play calling after the Bears couldn't get the 2 minute drill working against Atlanta, but now we know a big part of why Fields wasn't as effective running or throwing was because his body was taking too much of a beating. That's what you want out of your QB. 

Now, the coaching staff and Poles have to step in and make decisions for him about the long term interests of the team. They know he's the right guy, but he needs to be healthy when next season starts. Don't say it's "day to day". Give me "holiday to holiday". Rest him through Thanksgiving. Sit him for Christmas. Maybe let him get a couple of games when people still have their Christmas lights on in January and corporate types are ending emails with "happy New Year!". 

Everything is about 2023. I personally have seen enough of Fields to believe that this team should be contending for the North Division crown next year if they can add enough in the draft and free agency. That's the goal. Build out the 53 and do so without having to question who is driving the bus of the offense because Fields is that guy. 

We had the full recap on Redline that came out yesterday