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Billionaire Old Man Warren Buffet Loves Him Some Lingerie Football Action

There is no reason for old coot Warren Buffet to take in a LFL game unless he’s looking to get it in. None. Hometown Omaha pride my eye. The dude could buy The University Of Nebraska with one check and order Tom Osborne to return to suckle from the teet. The man is worth $72.9 BILLION dollars. I don’t think any of us can fathom how much money that is. Warren Buffet can enslave each member of the Lingerie Football League, purchase the state of Nebraska from the Union and deem it a modern day Roman Empire where he is Caligula and he’d still be left with probably $65 billion to spare. Why wouldn’t he do that? What’s exactly stopping him? Screw morals and ethics. It’s fucking Monopoly money at some point. Live a little, Warren.

Gotta get into second gear with that pump up speech. This is the LFL. These women are expecting to be degraded (a la Seattle Mist’s finest, Sean Michaelson):