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Luxury At Its Finest: These Tents That 100% Won't Blow Away And Sums Up The Shit Show That Is The Qatar World Cup

Look at those beauties! This is how you get people to come to Qatar. The traditional Qatar experience I read somewhere is this. Stay in a tent, pray that it doesn't blow away and sleep 4 feet from your snoring best friend. Nothing screams the World Cup like this. Then again, there's arguably no bigger shit show in the history of sports than Qatar landing the World Cup. 

We've all been in this situation before. Well, not this exact situation, but a similar situation. You let your pal organize a trip and take care of accommodations. What you forget is he's your cheap friend. Yes, we all have one and if you can't pinpoint exactly who that is in your friend group, go look in the mirror. Anywho, you get off the plane or out of the car and show up in the dump. The man is all excited that he took care of the hotel/house for you only to realize there's not enough beds and one couch with a somewhat working TV. You want to yell at the guy but you need to know better. 

Now imagine showing up in fucking Qatar only to end up in this tent. Now imagine trying to bring home that lady you met cheering for Croatia. Sure, it's illegal, but you're feeling frisky. It's been a couple days and you can't even catch a glimpse of a female shoulder. One sudden movement or one correct thrust and that bad boy is blowing 100 yards away. Luxury, baby. 

Gotta admit the little fake door and small stand between the beds is a nice touch. Makes it feel worth the ridiculous amount of money you'll spend for this shit show. Nothing screams like home like a fake door. What a shit show of a World Cup.