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This Artist's Drawing Of Tom Brady In Court Is The Most Offensive Thing I Have EVER Seen

Real life

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This is no exaggeration: I am personally offended by this. On a deep, personal level I am offended. Who the fuck is this courtroom artist? How DARE they? If they’re not fired by the time this blog is posted then it’s a greater miscarriage of justice than Deflategate itself. He’s made the most beautiful man in the world grotesque… he’s a monster. A freak. A Walking Dead extra. If this guy is an “artist” then I’m a novelist/journalist/famous comedian/sports expert/and sexpert. And guess what? None of that is true, my work speaks for itself. As does this fucking clown’s. He was given a subject that most artists would kill for and he put out this piece of garbage. He shit on the Statue of David then wiped his ass with the Mona Lisa. Anyone who’s ever looked at a painting once in their life should be genuinely upset with this. That’s not art, it’s a crime.



PS – Sup Portnoy

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