LSU's Olivia Dunne Claps Back At The NY Times A Day After Their Bullshit Article Came Out Attacking Her Multi-Million Dollar Brand

Kyle Okita. Shutterstock Images.

We're just a day removed from the New York Times' attack against LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne. The Times called her out for the way she's built her brand and gotten to the point where she's pulling in $2 million from NIL sponsors. Stanford's women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer called it a "step back" for women. It's all in my blog below which shows you people will truly get upset about anything these days. 

Thankfully a ton of people have since called out the New York Times for their bullshit. To be honest with you I didn't read the full thing at first because I don't pay for a NYT monthly subscription. I got the main quotes from the Daily Mail article on it, but within the original piece there's some bizarre stuff. 

Dave chimed in as well, realizing the Times weaseled their way into gaining Dunne and LSU's permission for the access with the secret intentions of calling her out. Par for the course these days with these once respectable publications. Trash. 


Well, in case there was any debate whether Dunne was unhappy with the article, she posted this on his Instagram story asking the newspaper "is this too much?" 

(You'll have to click the tweet to see the full picture, I couldn't just screenshot because we could get sued by the photographer)

And let's look at her recent likes on Twitter just for the hell of it

It really is crazy that people have a real problem with what Dunne is doing here with her brand. Tara VanDerveer calling this a "step back" will never not make me angry. She's posting fully clothed pictures on Instagram. The horror! God forbid someone can be athletic and hot at the same time and capitalize on that. There's not a single thing she's doing wrong. 

The Times and VanDerveer are acting like she's taking in money from ISIS or something. There's long been this fight for women's sports to make money and gain notoriety. The moment someone succeeds in that area it's not good enough because a 69 year old coach doesn't like the way it's being done? That's the same coach who makes an average annual salary of over $2 million. Gotta do it her way or it's a step back for women. Get lost. Team Dunne all the way everyday. 

P.S. For what it's worth, this New York Times writer calling VanDerveer the most successful coach in women's basketball while Geno Auriemma very clearly exists is absolutely nonsense. I mean what are we doing here?