Dion Dawkins' Super Sweet Yet Morbid Endorsement Of Josh Allen Is The Best Defense Of A QB Since T.O. Cried For Tony Romo

I know Dion Dawkins isn't exactly a household name, but he's the left tackle and blindside protector of perhaps the most valuable player in the NFL in Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Like so many great QBs tend to do, they take losses on the chin even when they're not necessarily at fault. That's part of the baggage and responsibility that comes with the position.

So once the Bills lost as double-digit road favorites to the Jets and Allen fell on the sword at the podium, well, Dawkins felt compelled to downplay his superstar signal-caller's role in the stunning 20-17 loss.

I could make an argument that Allen's opening-drive interception set the tone for the whole afternoon, and his ill-advised throw later on right to Jets corner Sauce Gardner led to a Gang Green touchdown that obviously swung the game in New York's favor. However, Allen basically has no running game outside of himself (86 yards rushing, two TDs), and he was facing a sick Jets defensive front with sort of a "meh" o-line protecting him.

Bottom line: I love this from Dion Dawkins. He has this really wholesome sort of innocent routine going on and then it gets SUPER DARK super fast and I couldn't stop laughing for quite a while at the comedic incongruity of it all. That extends to the fact that Dawkins has that type of demeanor all the while being tasked with pulverizing defenders into the turf every Sunday.

The Bills should be just fine despite that loss to the Jets. I swear I'm not trying to jinx them because I support the Bengals. Would never even dream of it.

Oh yeah, here's Terrell Owens sticking up for Tony Romo in case you've somehow never seen that. Dawkins' words are more compelling than what T.O. says here, but the latter has the young Bill beat in terms of feeling all the feelings.

Am I totally off on this and am just not recalling crazy-ass quarterback endorsements? Tyreek Hill gassing up Tua Tagovailoa in the offseason is one thing. I'm talking like, "Oh this is just a straight-up weird scene right now" type of monologues to the media. Sound off in the comments if any others come to mind!

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