A Flock Of Furious Female Phillies Fans Had A Free-For-All Fight In The Ladies Room During Last Night's Astros No Hitter

As a fan of an NL East team that couldn't even make it out of the Wild Card Round let alone make it to the World Series, I have to admit I was flabbergasted to see this happen. The Phillies' rise to becoming a wagon and being two wins away from a championship seems to have been powered by their own fans uniting as one for the greater good, like the wildlings in Game of Thrones. Trust me, my NL East team that couldn't even make it to the NLCS mopped the floor with these Phillies by going 14-5 in a season series that included my Mets throwing a combined no-hitter and having a 7-run comeback in the 9th back when the Phillies were falling apart.

Which is why I have to wonder if Cristian Javier, Bryan Abreu, Rafael Montero, and Ryan Pressly finally reversed the Phillies fans juju after that combined no-no after seeing that brawl. If you told me a bunch of Phillies fans beat the shit out of a couple of rival fans for the sin of wearing the jersey of a non-Philadelphia team within Philadelphia city limits, I wouldn't bat an eyelash. I'd expect it even. 

But seeing Philly on Philly crime is shocking to see. During the World Series no less! Everything about this Phillies run has been about good vibes. But in that video there were no fun-loving discussions about Wawa sandwiches or the song Kyle Schwarber brought from the Red Sox. Just pure, unadulterated violence the way it used to be in Philly. Which to be honest, kinda feels right, especially after seeing the best Philly step-over since Allen Iverson during another Philadelphia run to the championship round that came up short.

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P.S. Based on the jersey selection and ability to gain the high ground in a fight while her hair was being pulled, I think the girl in the Mike Scmidt throwback may currently be the most eligible bachelorette in Philadelphia now.

P.P.S. I fully expect everything to be sunny in Philadelphia once again tomorrow after Justin Verlander gives up 4 runs in the 2nd tonight while Dusty plays with his toothpick instead of getting someone in the bullpen warm.