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Yesterday Was One Of The Best Days In Washington Sports History


The title is not hyperbole. It's not exaggeration. Yesterday was without a doubt one of the best days in Washington sports history since I've been alive. I mean I don't need to explain it, I've written more words about Dan Snyder than any other topic since I've been hired. I have been the most outspoken Anti-Dan Snyder person on the internet since the jump. Kinda crazy that all of those blogs, all of those words, finally seem like they matter. Not that I had anything to do with this or anything, but it does feel like my life's worth is paying off or whatever. I made it my goal to never stop blogging about what a piece of shit Dan Snyder is until I died or he died. I made a promise that even if my work had a .001% impact, it still mattered that it was going up on a large platform. 

And then, yesterday, it all started happening. First the Forbes article saying he's looking to sell maybe a minority stake, but also possibly the entire thing. But then when it really took off was when the Snyders put out a statement of their own. That's when it REALLY started to feel real. In my opinion they wouldn't put out a statement if they were looking to sell a minority stake.



And then the final nail in the coffin- MOTHERFUCKER GETTING INVESTIGATED!!!



This is such a huge moment for all of DC sports. Football is so awesome and we haven't really had a team to cheer on for the last 2 decades. Couple that with constantly dealing with all the off the field stuff- the lawsuits, the leaks, the controversies, and all the other embarrassments - it just seems like a dream come true that he is finally selling. I always believed this day would come, but it feels even better than I could have imagined. 

I had stopped going to games. Stopped buying merch. Stopped doing anything (besides watching games) that could potentially give Dan Snyder a penny. So I'm pretty stoked. I've missed going to games. I can't wait to buy Commanders gear. To cheer in the stands with the fellas. It's all going to be so awesome.

Obviously nothing is confirmed, but it looks like our nightmare is soon to be over. Of course there is still a chance Snyder goes FULLLLLL Dr. Evil and doesn't sell. That would be chaos. Anarchy. Riots in the streets. And I think if he did decide not to sell, the other owners would vote him out anyway. 

Winning the Stanley Cup was awesome. Winning the World Series was great. I love the Wizards but there's not been anything to really write home about with them. And now we will finally get our football team back. It sorta feels like an expansion team with the excitement. Like a whole new lease on my football life. November 2nd, I'll always love you. Now let's get this motherfucker to sell the team and never be seen or heard of again. 

(But I will still blog every terrible thing he does, even after he sells. A tiger can't change its stripes. Just because he won't own the team won't mean he will stop being a piece of shit.)