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A TikTok User Proves The Early 2000s 20 Questions Game Runs On AA Batteries And Devil Magic

As terrifying as it is, I have resigned myself to the fact TikTok has access to every keystroke that has ever been input into my iPhone and is listening to everything I say. So when someone tells me about a video and that's the first thing that shows up the next time I open TikTok, that makes sense — albeit in a very Orwellian way.

This machine, however, is running on devil magic. That is the work of Satan.

The game designed to guess things not only understands the concept of nothingness, but is also seemingly self-aware. This is scarier than anything Big Tech can throw at us today. Yeah, Amazon knows you want more Gatorade delivered to your house because you order it every two weeks, but the 20 Questions pocket game might be possessed. Good luck sleeping with one of those lurking in your home.

I will allow my children to have phones tracking their every move and listening to them at all times, but that plastic demon will not be allowed in my house. If you still have one of these somewhere, I would advise taking a hammer to it until it's ground into a purple dust.