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Let Us Not Forget The Redskins Play the 6-1 Cowboys Tonight

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I’m going to be completely honest. Yesterday was the most enjoyable Sunday in a long time. The sky was a shade bluer, the birds were singing sweet tunes, the beer was flowing like wine, and beautiful women instinctively flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. And why? It was a little something called a Sunday without the Redskins. This happens every year. I start out the season optimistically, THIS is the year things change! And then by week 5, I’m tapped out. More of the same this year. The franchise QB got hurt, as is tradition, the terrible backup came in to tons of fanfare and then sucked, and now Colt McCoy is going to lead the Skins to victory tonight.

There is no reason the Cowboys are 6-1. They are the worst 6-1 team in the history of the NFL. They are a one dimensional team that is on the upside of variance. Riding a heater like no other. At some point DeMarco Murray’s legs are going to fall off, Dez Bryant will quit, and Romo will flip the calendar to December and everything will make sense again. And hopefully, that starts tonight.

Colt McCoy has nothing to lose. Alfred Morris loves playing the Cowboys and he is so due for a big game (if working for Barstool has taught me anything, it’s “being due” is reason enough to believe in anything). DeSean Jackson will burn those nobodies in the Cowboys secondary. And then maybe, just maybe, our defense can get a key top here and there, special teams will stop being so special, and the Skins will collectively take a big dump all over Jerry World and renew my faith in the team in the team…just long enough for them to go into Minnesota next week and remind me that they are who I thought they were. And just like yesterday, all will be right in the world again.

But for now, fuck the Cowboys and HTTR.